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In a world of communication clutter, a brand’s Public Relations Strategy is a key determinant of its image and resulting equity generated within the customer’s mind. In fact, PR has proven bigger than marketing, advertising, sales and distribution in shaping consumer opinion and attitudes - factors that affect a brand’s success.  A successful PR strategy is the result of a holistic approach that combines in-depth knowledge of branding and marketing; keen business acumen, understanding of psychographic behavior patterns of human beings; reliable market data; and a thorough grasp of communication techniques - synergized thorough the application of Public Relations principles and Creative Thinking - and made productive by ensuring ROI, Measurability and Accountability. Further, an Integrated PR plan for a brand also aligns the overall PR strategy with corporate goals, policies, practices and public interest to maximize impact.

Who We Are

PR Mantra is a young & vibrant PR firm, started by people with a ‘hands on’ experience in the industry. PR Mantra has consistently planned, formulated and deployed successful, data-driven, High-ROI PR strategies for many of the large local and global brands in India. The resulting “Return on PR” that these brands have gained stands testimony to PR Mantra’s expertise and experience in systematically applying PR, both as a creative art form and proven science, based on a deep understanding of the psyche and behavior of the Indian Market.
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